16 Pan Proofer



A critical component in any bakery, a bakery proofer is specially designed to provide culinary craftsmen with the perfect environment to achieve the best buns, donuts and croissants possible.
Proofing is the final step in making dough before baking, when you allow the dough to rise via the fermentation of yeast. Since dough rises best in warm and humid environments, a commercial proofer cabinet will allow you to set the perfect temperature and humidity levels to get consistent, repeatable results.


Power Input: 2kw, Single Phase 220v
Elements: 1kw dry; 1kg wet
Plug: Standard 3 Prong Wall Plug
Water Connection: 3/4 Inch Standard Fitting.
Material: Full Stainless Steel
Filling: Solenoid Driven Falling (Automatically Refills)
Material: Full Stainless Steel
Durabillity: Long Lasting Sillicone Doorseal


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